Myanmar is the second largest country in ASEAN and covers a total of 677,000 square kilometres, the country’s road network covers a mere 34,476km.  By area, Myanmar is ranked 40th in the world and our road network is ranked 94th.  Needless to say that for a large country, the road network is vastly insufficient.

Myanmar is a country that is rebuilding everything including its road network.  Even with help from donor countries, building a sufficient road network across the country will take several decades and require tens of billions of dollars in funding.

By contrast, a drone network can be rolled out across the country within 5 years or less at a small fraction of the cost depending on sufficient regulatory frameworks.

With thousands of lives lost every year due to unavailability or limited availability of blood, antivenin or emergency medical supplies, due to delays in obtaining emergency supplies.  The 2 main factors for this are the notorious Yangon traffic or if you look outside the Yangon metropolitan area, then the lack of road infrastructure.